Stairway of the Stars Dance Studio

Stairway of the Stars Dance Studio

This beautiful  facility, completed in August 2016, houses our dancing and karate programs as well as some recitals and special events.

Stairway of the Stars Dance Studio
20 N. 5th Ave.
Maywood, IL 60153










3-1/2, 4 & 5 YEARS Introduce your childp1370769536-3 (2)
to the world of ballet through music and
movement. This class will begin to teach your child dance and dance terminology. Students will use props (scarves, balls and much more) and will be introduced to the ballet barre. This class will also introduce dancers to jazz and hip-hop with the latest music and steps.

6 YEARS AND UP This is the combinationp1370769362-3 (2)
class for beginners through advanced. All
dancers will be introduced to ballet, jazz &
tap in this class. Class begins with a set of
warm-ups & stretches to music, followed by
ballet technique (center floor or at the barre). The class includes jazz, across-the-floor technique, turns, combinations and the ever popular hip-hop routines. Then it’s time to tap! All tap classes follow the Al Gilbert
method for warm-ups & barre and finish with
a practice routine.

STRICT BALLET For serious dancersp1370769702-3 (2)
only. Ballet classes will be recommended
to those students who show great interest
in becoming a dancer or furthering their
abilities in dance. Dancers should take 1 to
2 years of combination class before deciding
to add this second class. Students must
wear pink tights, pink ballet shoes and black
leotards – without exception. Hair must be
off the face, preferably in a bun.